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The material consists of a written test

4 . The material consists of a written test :a. Basic Competence Test ( TKD ) which includes Test Insights Nationality ( TWK ) , General Intelligence Test ( TIU ) and Personal Characteristics Test ( TKP ) . TKD is intended to explore the knowledge , skills , and attitudes / behaviors that include insight examinees national , regional , and international and verbal ability , quantitative ability , reasoning ability , adaptability , self-control , spirit of achievement , integrity , and initiative .b . Competency Test Field ( TKB ) is intended to measure the abilities and / or skills of the participants related to the competency exam or job title .5 . Written test for :a. Health position include TKD and TKB Healthb . Non Health office :1 ) Lecturers include TKD and TKB Education2 ) Other includes a TKD and TKB Test Substance Public Health field .
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